Rapid Cooling.

It is important to cool the catch rapidly in the first hours after it is caught, as this can lengthen the shelf-life dramatically.

When it comes to preserving quality and freshness of the catch, it is a known fact that proper handling, rapid and efficient cooling is essential. The key to maintaining freshness and quality of the catch is initial rapid rate of cooling. This hinders the growth of bacteria and microorganism.


Continued downcooling in the Processing Plant
 Continued downcooling
It is very important to keep fish downcooled through the whole processing procedure. You will get a better yield and better quality raw material.
Rapid cooling of Whitefish
Optim-Ice has been used extensively in cooling and storing whitefish for many years. These methods have given very good results and have given fresh fish that has prolonged storage compared to flake ice.
Rapid cooling of Pelagic
Optim-Ice has given good results in rapid cooling of capelin, herring and mackerel at sea. This has been done by using Optim-Ice alone or together with RSW systems.
Rapid cooling of Shrimps
One of the most important benefits of using Optim-Ice while catching shrimp, lobster and crabs is the distinctive difference in color. Lobster caught and chilled in Optim-Ice preserve their red color dramatically better than using conventional ice or chilled water.
Rapid cooling of Salmon
Optim-Ice has been used for rapid cooling of salmon in Norway, Scotland and the Faroe Islands. The applications differ, but have all the same benefits of cooling the salmon quickly and economically down to the right temperature for processing.