Here is what some of our costumers have to say about Optim-Ice.

Geir ÞH-150 - Nominated boat of the year 2010

Each year, the names of the ten ships or exporters who performed the best in the Seafish quality assessment, and have therefore managed to sell their products at a premium price, are published.

According to the quality assessment of 2010, Geir ÞH-150 performed the best out of all the nominated boats of the year. The catch fulfilled the quality assessment requirements in all cases.

The overall score was extremely good, with a considerable difference between the results for Geir ÞH-150 and the ship that came in second place.

Geir ÞH-150 is equipped with OPTIM-ICE liquid ice machines from OPTIMAR Iceland.

Jónas S. Jóhannsson, owner and skipper of Geir ÞH-150, has confirmed that since his boat started using the OPTIM-ICE® liquid ice machines, high levels of work efficiency have been achieved, increased quality and value of the catch thereby.

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Þórður Rafn Sigurðson , owner Dala-Rafn VE-508
“…The result is amazingly good. The system uses first and foremost little energy, and the system is directly saving me 36,000 dollars per year in ice purchases and handling. The system makes all work on board easier, it is good storage for the fish that insures first and foremost top quality…”.